Città dei Balocchi Cernobbio – Christmas lights show in Cernobbio

Lake Como in Christmas period

From December 7th to January 7th, 2024, Cernobbio will host the 30th edition of "La Città dei Balocchi," a format created by the Consorzio Como Turistica.

The Consorzio Como Turistica has proposed a project to the Municipality of Cernobbio for the thirtieth anniversary of “Città dei Balocchi.”
This project involves the creation of a coordinated program of events across Cernobbio to make the city more lively and provide opportunities for gatherings, leisure, and cultural activities for residents and tourists.
The key locations in Cernobbio will be part of an ideal itinerary.
It starts at Villa Bernasconi, the cultural heart of Cernobbio and “Città dei Balocchi.”
Visitors will follow an enchanting path of lights through the city streets to reach the Advent Calendar, created with artificial intelligence, and then proceed to the Christmas village in Riva, the hub of city life.
This will feature the Christmas Market, an ice skating rink, the Christmas tree, lighting installations, animations, and entertainment, creating a festive atmosphere.
Piazza Risorgimento – Riva will host the ice skating rink, offering a lakeside view and a Christmas Market with colorful stalls and enticing scents.
The lakeside promenade will be illuminated by a grand Christmas tree and numerous lights, creating a magical atmosphere. Piazza Risorgimento will also feature the Advent Calendar.
In the beautiful garden of Villa Bernasconi, an Igloo will be set up. This multifunctional space, combining modern architecture and advanced technology, will host shows, thematic installations, and activities for all ages.
Visitors will be offered the “Città dei Balocchi Passport” to explore the adorned city, collecting stamps at different stops along the route. This passport will guide them through the festive world of Cernobbio.
The Holographic Nativity Scene is a new and unique way to experience the traditional Nativity.

Christmas events for kids

A comprehensive program of activities for children and families, including a School Project for young Cernobbio residents, will be presented. Performances will take place in various locations, including the Igloo in the garden, Largo Filippo Mondelli, the multipurpose hall at the “Don Umberto Marmori” secondary school, and in Riva with street artists and the Circus Navigando.


The project includes the creation of Christmas lighting primarily using eco-friendly materials with low energy consumption and environmental impact in the following locations:

  • Villa Bernasconi: Architectural projection with colorful mapping.
  • Municipal Palace: Illumination with colorful light effects that, as night falls, will give the Municipality a new appearance.
  • Riva – Facades in Piazza Risorgimento: Advent Calendar, an interactive projection show that will transform the hotel facade into a gigantic virtual advent calendar using video generated with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Every evening, at the scheduled time, 24 magical windows, each corresponding to one of the days leading to Christmas, will light up with light shows and projections, creating an enchanting atmosphere.
  • Riva – Piazza Risorgimento: Lighting of the lakeside trees with light effects.
  • Riva – Piazza Risorgimento: Luminous art installations, each creating a small photo set; LED gift packages in vivid colors will offer visitors the opportunity to take cute souvenir photos. These luminous artworks add a touch of creativity to the atmosphere and encourage visitors to capture and share the beauty of Cernobbio on their social profiles.
  • Riva – Piazza Risorgimento: Lighting of the Navigation Lakes Pier.
  • Historic Center: Diffused lighting.


Within the event calendar, numerous initiatives will be proposed, including workshops, theatrical performances, and educational moments dedicated to children in Cernobbio’s schools, from early childhood to middle school, and for the general public, both children and adults, on weekends. These initiatives can be summarized as follows:

  • “The Wonders of the Christmas Sky”
  • Workshops such as “Tulle and the Lumberjack”
  • Puppet shows
  • Nutritional education meetings
  • Workshops on art, botany, and artificial intelligence
  • Themed artistic workshops
  • Saddle baptism
  • Street artists
  • Circus Navigando
  • Scout CNGEI workshop

The magical Santa’s sleigh will make an appearance, while other entertainment and show initiatives are still being defined.

The Christmas tree will be placed on the lakeside, and a lighting ceremony will take place at Riva (Piazza Risorgimento), where the Christmas market will also be located.


Enjoy a preview of the Città dei Balocchi
This vide is from the pasts editions

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