Villa La Gaeta

Not open to visitors

Villa La Gaeta owes its name to the tip of the promontory on which it was built. Previously, the site was occupied by another, much more modest dwelling, acquired by Solone Ambrosoli, an Italian numismatic who lived between 1851 and 1906. The design of the building was assigned to Gino Coppedè and his brother Adolfo. It was completed by the heirs of the Ambrosoli in 1921.
In 1940, the Villa was purchased by the Counts Gerli. After the recent renovation of 2011, the Villa has been divided into several apartments for private use.
In 2006, the Villa was used as a location for filming some scenes of the movie Casino Royale.

By private water taxi

To admire Villa La Gaeta from the Lake you can contact a water taxi company.

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