Chiesa di Sommaguggio Civenna of Bellagio

For those coming from Magreglio, at the entrance to Civenna, there is a graceful sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna: Divae Mariae Sacrum, as the small black plaque above the door says. It is the sanctuary of Sommaguggio.

It would not be difficult to establish the origin of this denomination, if the name of Guggio given to the land on which the sanctuary stands could be reconnected with the Latin name of jugum (yoke), meaning in this case summum jugum (the top of the yoke), as the lands sloping down from the sanctuary towards the lake are called sotto Guggio (sub jugo; under the hill). In fact, the small church rises on top of a hill that matches the other distant hill of Magreglio, where another similar shrine dedicated to Mary, that of Ghisallo, stands.


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