San Carlo Borromeo church

Seventeenth century

External description
The small church has a simple gabled façade and a small bell tower on the left side of the roof.

Internal description
The interior consists of a single nave with a rectangular presbytery, behind which the sacristy was built.
As you enter, on the right wall there is an eighteenth-century painting with the Madonna of Loreto with Saint Carlo Borromeo and a holy warrior martyr, flanked by a plaque commemorating the fallen during the First World War.
The back wall of the presbytery is decorated by the altarpiece, a Madonna enthroned with Child between the saints Carlo Borromeo and Francesco, with on the sides a fresco depicting San Giobbe, probably originally belonging to another church, and a canvas with Saint Anthony of Padua in adoration of the Child.
Along the left wall of the hall, a niche houses the statue of San Sisto.

Bibliography: C. Meroni, Antichi edifici religiosi del Triangolo Lariano, Varese, 2011

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