Santi Biagio e Andrea church in Bellagio Lake Como

The small church dedicated to the Saints Biagio and Andrea in the hamlet of Pescallo is partly incorporated into other structures that do not make it immediately identifiable.
The exterior is very simple, with a gabled façade. The sail bell tower is inserted on the right side of the roof.

External description
The interior is made up of a single nave, with a side chapel, and a presbytery.
As you enter, on the right wall you can see a canvas, probably a votive offering, depicting the Pietà with donor, dated 1668. It is presumed to be a representation of a sanctuary in Rottenbug, as evidenced by the inscription at the foot of the altar: Vera Efigies Miraculosa BV in Wechkemal Rottenburci to Niccassum “.
Continuing on, we find the chapel that houses two paintings: the right is a copy of the famous Crowning of Thorns created by Tiziano Vecelio in 1542-1543, while the one on the right, strongly damaged, represents the Death of Sant’Andrea Avellino and is dated 1771.
In the presbytery are preserved the statues of the titular saints (Andrea Avellino and Biagio) and the canvas that decorates the altar: a Madonna with Child between a holy Pope and Saint Biagio.


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