Santi Gervasio e Protasio church in Bellagio

The existing structure was constructed in the 16th century. Towards the close of the 19th century, it was under the patronage of Sir Eugenio Besana. In 1949, Alberico Aureggi generously donated it to the Church of San Giovanni in memory of his late wife, Elena, as commemorated by a plaque on the opposite facade.

External Description: Resembling other oratories in Bellagio, this one is devoted to Saints Gervaso and Protaso. It features a straightforward, gabled façade and a bell gable with a sail attached to the left side of the roof.

Internal Description: Internally, the structure comprises a solitary nave and a rectangular presbytery, divided by two balustrades. Noteworthy in the presbytery is a 16th-century fresco, artist unknown, portraying the enthroned Madonna with Child among Saints Gervaso and Protaso, functioning as an altarpiece. The fresco is framed with imitation marbles.

Bibliography: For more information, refer to “Antichi edifici religiosi del Triangolo Lariano” by C. Meroni, Varese, 2011.


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